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American Bartending Association Inc. and its subcontractors shall have no liability for the information contained in materials including any liability for damages, direct or indirect, consequential or incidental. American Bartending Association Inc. is not a school. The American Bartending Association Inc. is a professional organization dedicated to providing bartending related news, information, services and products to consumers, world wide.

Membership services are provided by the American Bartending Association Inc., which may modify and improve any part of the service at any time and without prior notice. American Bartending Association Inc. is a registered service mark of American Bartending Association Inc.

This notice of participation is for all American Bartending Association Inc. members and trial members. Service is effective for the period of your ABA membership, one month or one year depending upon which billing method the member has chose, commencing from the date of your enrollment into the ABA. The renewal rate is $4.95 monthly or $49.95 per year. Your renewal will be automatically processed, prior to the expiration of your current membership to avoid any lapse in service. This service is contingent upon your timely payment of required fees for ABA services. No grace period of any kind applies except as may be required by law.

Tran. Type: Sale membership fee. Billing: $4.94 monthly or $49.95 yearly

Description: American Bartending Association Inc. membership.

Authorization: Consumer authorization

This is a receipt for your one (1) month membership fee of $4.95 monthly or $49.95 yearly. To continue your service, do nothing. The amount of $4.95 monthly or $49.95, yearly, will automatically be billed to your account on a monthly/yearly basis. You may cancel the service, without any penalty or obligation, within 7 business days following your receipt of this notice of cancellation and the receipt of any products, or in the case of services, within 7 business days following receipt of this notice of confirmation. Cancellations after 7 days of receipt will result in a cessation of billing. If you have received a free trial membership as a result of a promotion or in association with the purchase of another service or product, or as a result of ordering the bartending 101 DVD, membership is free to review for the first 30 days. Afterwards, the standard, 7 day cancellation policy above, as stated, applies. Any use of services or benefits shall constitute member's obligation and no refunds shall be granted. If you cancel, current service payment made by you or authorized by you, pursuant to any telephonic solicitation and purchase agreement, shall be returned to you within 10 days following receipt by the seller of your cancellation notice and all materials sent to you. Returned materials must be postmarked no later than the 7th business day following receipt of your membership materials.

Your liability for fraudulent charges under federal law:

A cardholder shall be liable for unauthorized use of a credit card only if:

  1. The credit card is an accepted credit card
  2. The card issuer has provided adequate notice of the cardholder's maximum potential liability and of means by which the card issuer may be notified of loss or theft of the card. The notice shall state that the cardholder's liability shall not exceed $50 (or any lesser amount) and that the cardholder may give oral or written notification, and shall describe a means of notification (for example, a telephone number, an address, or both); and
  3. The card issuer has provided a means to identify the cardholder on the account of the authorized user of the card.

If state law or an agreement between a cardholder and the card issuer imposes lesser liability than that provided above, the lesser liability shall govern.

American Bartending Association Inc. does not underwrite or accept responsibility for any unauthorized charges places on member accounts. Members are protected by the current Federal and State laws as described above. Any unauthorized use of American Bartending Association Inc. benefits or services by any individual or company shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the governing law.

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