How to Get Started with your Bartending Certification

Becoming a bartender has never been easier! With and the American Bartending Association, you can get started toward a lucrative, exciting career as a bartender in just minutes.

To start the bartender certification process, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Become a member of American Bartending Association, the nation's number-one organization for professional bartenders.

    As a member, you'll have access to priceless information like liquor rules and regulations, drink recipes and interviewing tips - as well as the option to purchase affordable, discounted health and dental insurance through ABA.

  2. Take your bartending certification test.

    Once you've reviewed your bartender training materials - Bartending 101 and the ABA website - it's time to get certified as a professional bartender! Our comprehensive bartender certification test will ensure you're prepared for everything that happens behind the bar - from pouring perfect drinks to following important legal and safety protocols.

That's it! In just a few short weeks, you could be on the road to a great career in bartending - and enjoying all the benefits of ABA membership at the same time. With a bartending certification from ABA, there's no limit to where this rewarding and profitable career can take you.
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Welcome to the American Bartending Association, America's number one bartending resource. The ABA is not a school but is a professional organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the exciting career of professional bartending. It is our belief that by providing continuing education and training resources that we can continue to serve and strengthen a profession which is quickly approaching one million members strong. As a member of the American Bartending Association, you will have access to the latest in state and federal regulations as well as information on group medical and dental assistance. Your membership also allows the American Bartending Association the ability to represent the industry in regulatory issues, as well as national alcohol awareness and responsible drinking programs. The American Bartending Association employs an extensive team of professionals dedicated to serving you. From all of us at the American Bartending Association, we welcome you to the ABA and we thank you for taking an active role in supporting your profession. covers USA (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas). You really can learn to bartend for free, at a bartending school where you can earn a bartending certification. - You can learn to bartend for free and earn a real bartending certification.